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2018 | Bangers & Apps Pty Ltd | ABN 14 610 914 362.

In this Terms of use, 'us' 'we' or 'our' means Bangers & Apps Pty. Ltd.  ABN 14 610 914 362 and our related bodies corporate.   

Our Terms of use sets out and describes our responsibility and the risks of using our software.​ You have agreed to the Terms of use outlined in this document because you have accessed our software Orderboom via the corresponding Apple or Android applications, this Website, or any other means created by Bangers & App Pty Ltd.  By downloading and/or accessing the Orderboom Platform you acknowledge this Terms of Use and any other arrangements that apply between us. We may change our Terms of use from time to time by publishing changes to it on our website. We encourage you to check our website periodically to ensure that you are aware of our current Terms of use.  These terms are binding on any use of the service and apply to you from the time that you access the service.  The Service provided will change over time based on our product and services roadmap, user feedback and other development or company activities. 

“Agreement” means this document / body of text, the Terms of Use
“Data” means any data that is inputted by You or that which is entered with Your permission into our platform, this includes but is not limited to your business information, supplier and product information that is used to generate orders
“Service” means the ordering services made available via this website, or any mobile application distribution platforms (for example: iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, or others)
“Us” and “We” meaning anyone employed directly or indirectly by Bangers & Apps Pty Ltd, this includes its Directors and any subsidiaries, contracted parties, or resources hired on a needs bases (for example: via crowdsourcing marketplaces or other resourcing solutions)
“You” or “User” means the person who registers to use the Service, and, includes any entity or individual that is using or has registered to use the Service on behalf of that person. 
“Your” shares a corresponding meaning.
“Retailer” meaning the business entity that the User establishes when registering to use the Service
“App” means the corresponding Orderboom mobile application used as part of the Orderboom Platform on the Users mobile device(s) (for example, Apple iOS, Google Android, or other)
“Platform” means the Bangers & Apps Pty Ltd Orderboom system in its entirety, this includes but is not limited to our technical infrastructure, websites, mobile applications and other systems that are necessary to access and deliver the Service. 
"Order" or "Purchase Order" the artefact (e.g. PDF, email, or other) that has been constructed by the Orderboom Platform and is intended to be read, interpreted and processed by the recipient (e.g. a supplier, or supplier system)

Your Data is ultimately self-managed by You, meaning all Data is your responsibility to check, keep current and up-to-date.  You may provide Us with permission to add, edit, or delete this data on your behalf, however it is ultimately Your responsibility.  We will do our absolute best to ensure accuracy and completeness.  We take no responsibility for malicious or incorrect Data and incorrect Purchase Orders being produced as a result. 
It is the User’s responsibility to make sure that any items of Data: are accurate, do not contain copy write material, and that you have permission to possess & use. 
The Data described above includes and is not limited to:
Product Data, for example: Code, Description, Unit of Measure, Price, Barcode, Par level, Image. 
Suppler Data, for example: address(s), ABN, logo, cut-off-time, minimum order, email address(s), phone no(s)
Retailer Data, for example: business name, address(s), logo, ABN, contact details, email address(s), phone no(s) 

Delivery of a Purchase Order - Orderboom uses various methods to deliver Purchase Orders to intended destinations (usually a supplier), this may include email, SMS, EDI, API’s or other integrations as necessary to ensure the successful delivery of a Purchase Order. We assume no liability as a result of  a failed purchase order delivery that resulted from incorrectly entered or configured User modifiable Data or Service attributes and settings, for example, incorrect email Suppler addresses or mobile phone numbers.

Bangers & Apps Pty Ltd will not assume liability of loss, damage, disruption or inconvenience due to circumstances such as and not limited to internet or Wi-Fi connection and cellular data connection, spam filters, lack of service, downtime, suspension or disruption of service by our service providers or yours.  

By agreeing to these Terms of use, you are aware that the data that is self-managed may disrupt the success of a purchase order if incorrect. You are aware that if there is potential unforeseen downtime or a problem with the Bangers & App’s Platform that this may disrupt the success of the delivery of a purchase order. You are aware that bugs, viruses and malware may disrupt the success of the delivery of a purchase order.  Bangers & Apps Pty. Ltd. will endeavour to ensure the timely, accurate and uninterrupted delivery of your Purchase Orders, however It is ultimately Your responsibility to confirm receipt of the Purchase Order(s) with the intended recipients. ​You agree that Bangers & Apps Pty. Ltd. will not be held liable for any amount, any loss, any inconvenience or for any problems or disruptions that the Orderboom Platform may cause to you or your business due to incorrect data, failure of service, server downtime, viruses, bugs, malware, unexpected interruptions or any related data delivery. You are aware that from time to time disruptions may occur. We will endeavour to make sure the Platform is available whenever possible and maintain a reasonable uptime. Notwithstanding or anything to the contrary and whether or not any liability arise through the use of the Platform in any of its versions past and present, Bangers & Apps Pty. Ltd and its directors, will not be held liable for any amount. 

Contact us for further information about our Terms of Use or practices, or to access or correct your personal information, or make a complaint or compliment, please contact us at support@orderboom.com.au​, or via the form below.

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