Instructional Videos

Here are a collection of short videos that will help you get the most out of your Orderboom experience.

Let's start with The Boom. This feature is what it's all about.

A lot of suppliers and products to add? This is how we get you set up and booming ASAP.

Smart Lists. These little beauties are going to save you a lot of time!

Viewing Suppliers, is easy. We've created a simple list where you can call, email, or adjust order destination and other supplier details easily.

Editing products, on the fly whilst ordering is simple. See something that doesn't look right or needs changing, just tap and hold that product to edit.

Par Levels, make ordering to par a breeze. Once setup you can simply look at our stock on hand, then, tap to increase quantity of stock you need to meet the par level indicated.

Purchase Order Notes, let you add a note to every order and/or adjust that note whenever you send an order off. 

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